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by Mark Drela - 19 November 2004

TD Setups:

For fun, I also drew up the data flow diagrams for a typical Asian radio. The baseline configuration ARdataflow0.pdf is nice, simple, and ready to go for a 4-channel trainer. But things get mighty confusing when all the "features" are enabled, as shown in ARdataflow.pdf . It's not clear how the options should be ordered along the data path. For example, does the Flap->Ele mixer on the Flap output come before or after the Crow data entry point from the Throttle? Do the sub-trims (not shown) affect the data as they leave the sitcks? Or as they enter the servos? Where exactly do the Pmix outputs enter the data paths? Before or after the other built-in features? etc. etc. I think the Evo architecture is crystal clear by comparison.

In fairness, most AR programs wouldn't be this messy, since some of the feature combinations, like Delta and Vtail, wouldn't be used in combination. But the diagram isn't all that far off from something like a full-house TD glider.