Tutorials : Throttle Setup Tips

Harry Curzon  3 August 2002

The default 30% trim travel is a bit coarse, 20% is more suitable and I have altered my MASTER model memory to this.

With trim at 20%, a 9 point curve applied to the throttle has advantages.  With the throttle stick fully closed, the trim fully back is point 1, trim at centre is point 2, and trim fully forward is point 3.  Many of us use these trim positions as engine cut, ground/landing idle, and flight idle respectively.  The default 3 point curve allows accurate setting of trim fully back/throttle cut, and you just have to accept that trim centre and fully forward are near enough to what you need.  With a 9 point curve you can make all 3 trim settings give exactly the engine rpm that you want, and also tune the throttle response to be more fine or coarse control at lower or higher settings if required, which is a big help on a scale model for accurate flying at low-mid power.

Engine cut switch.  Go to the control screen for the throttle, choose fixed val either -100% or +100% depending on travel direction.