Tutorials : Migrating from other radios

Harry Curzon 03 Aug 2002

The Base Models provided with the mc4000 all seem to be mode 1 (throttle right), Mpx servo centre, and not my servo-channel assignment. I need throttle left, "OTHER" servo timing, and JR channel assigning to match existing models without re-wiring everything. Also all base models except "universal" have limited mixing.

This all means that base models are time consuming for me to use and prone to serious errors since every time I create a model, I must remember to correctly alter centering, travel, control assigning and servo assigning. I made a model from the "universal" template which gives me maximum mixing and flexibility. I very carefully altered and double-checked the centring, travel to 72%, and assigning for a basic 4 channel model and called it "MASTER". Now that file can behave much like a base model, I just copy from MASTER to EMPTY, re-name it, and I have a new model in which I know the basics are correct. It is then easy to add in any more controls and servos as required.