F3F Nationals

F3F Nats Mark Redsell wins at the Bwlch

Safe motor arm/kill

F3F Setup for TaranisSafe arm/kill system for Taranis [blog]

Taranis at La Muela

La Muela or How RSSI found my models

F3F setup for Taranis

F3F Setup for TaranisThe ultimate setup for your F3F model?

new ver 3.1

F3J setup for Taranis

F3J Setup for Taranis Full-feature setup for your thermal ship!

Topsky 2 Disser

Topsky 2 Sport / contest DLG reviewed


The famous depron foamie - full plans shown

T9 Magnetic Switch

A better way to switch on your radio?

F3F on Streetview

F3F on Google streetview.

Thanks to Jonathan Sage for spotting this capture from the 2009 Welsh Open.

Big Brother is Watching You

How a bunch of pilots ended up on Google Earth



General forecasts

Bridgend BBC Met
Dunstable BBC Met
Church Stretton BBC Met
Huddersfield BBC Met
Lewes BBC Met
London BBC Met
Mere BBC Met
Pickering BBC Met
Treorchy BBC -
Wincanton BBC Met