Profile - free airfoil plotting software

Reviewed by Mike Shellim (c. 2002)

Version 1 of John Garnham's airfoil package was simple but a little lacking in features. For Version 2, Frankie Arzu has provided the extra features which makes this a thoroughly useful and flexible little program.


Fourteen sections are provided, including RG series, S3021, E193 and SD7032 & SD7037. These are in Compufoil (.COR) format. The following attributes can be specified for a profile:

The following are new in version 2:

Complete profiles are saved as as .PRO files, which store all the attributes of an airfoil including section, chord etc.

In Use

The About box says "the application is so simple that no online help has been included". Which sums it up nicely.

The program is ideal for producing foam templates, especially now that it has wire kerf compensation and station lines. This is what most people use plotting programs for these days, anyway.

The new version will split large sections over multiple pages, so really large sections are possible. Cross-hairs are printed to allow sheets to be joined accurately..

No tests were made for accuracy, but the printed results looked fine on my Laserjet 4.

What doesn't it do? Foam volume calculation, graduated plots and spar drawing are not supported - if this is a problem then you'll need have something like Compufoil Pro.


Profile 2.2 (on this site)