Tuning Kit

This is an add-on pack from Ikarus. The kit contains:

  • G310 motor
  • New blades
  • New battery pack: 8 - cell 550mAH (I don't know the manufacturer as it's all covered in heatshrink).

Old above, new below

Tip detail, old left new right. I'd be interested to know how they came up with the "pod" tip shape!


The new blades have identical span, section and planform as the old. However, they appear to be a little stiffer both in torsion and bending - perhaps a slight change in the composition of the plastic. The only visual difference is the pod on the tip. As it is solid and has no obvious aerdynamic function, my guess is that it tweaks the CG of the blade but I can't be sure.

Easy Fit

The blades and motor are a simple drop-in replacement for the original parts, and took all of 10 minutes to install.

The motor comes with a sheet advising that because of the brush design, it should be run in one direction only - no problem as it's already supplied with the usual polarised plug. Running in should be done at 1/8 throttle with no load. At least that's what my limited German told me, and I followed my instincts! 

Ikarus supply 8,9 and 10 tooth pinions with the new motor. The new pack is 8 x AAA cells, 550mAH. Although there was no label on my pack, it behaves like an NiMH pack with a slow decline in power into ground effect.


I've had just three flights as I write this, so this is just a preliminary assessment. The flights were indoors. I used the original 7-cell pack with  the 9-tooth pinion. First impressions are that it flies more smoothly but is maybe a little less responsive. 

Part of the flight involved my usual journey from the television to the coffee table at the other end of the room. Forward flying is easier, the porpoising is much reduced.

I tried some nose-in flight but I didn't feel very comfortable doing this yet - the Tx settings for roll and pitch really  need to be adjusted. I'll be doing this in subsequent flights. 

I wasn't timing the flights so it's not possible to assess the effect of the new components.

All in all quite promising, but further evaluation is required. Stay tuned!

24 May 2001 The new motor is causing the speed controller to shut down after a minute or so. Either that or the motor itself is faulty. I proved this by changing the motor for the old one and that works fine.

So now I'm using the old motor and old battery pack with the new blades. This is allowing me to assess the effect of the new blades on their own. My conclusion is that the flight path is indeed smoother, but the model is slightly less responsive. Is this to be expected from the different weight distribution of the new blades? My guess is that outdoor flying will be easier with these blades.

25 May 2001 Suddenly the new motor is running well again. Increased the throws and the handling is improved. I'm getting used to the new blades! Sustained nose-in no longer a problem. All we need now is a nice calm day to try some flying outdoors.

5 June 2001 Successful flight out of doors.

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