Brief Spec

  • Two electric motors for main and tail rotors.
  • Two feather servos for cyclic control.
  • Piccobard integrated module (gyro, twin speed controllers, mixer and BEC)
  • 4-channel Rx. 
  • 7-cell 250mAH NiCd.

Head Design

The Piccolo's head is based on Dieter Schluter's simplified Hiller head used in his early R/C helicopters way back in the 70's (the full-size Hiller head was patented for full size choppers in the early 50's). 

Hiller/Schluter Head Hiller/Shluter head.

Note there are two sets of whirly things - the main rotor to which the blades are attached, and a one-piece flybar with adjustable paddles at each end.  The flybar rotates in a plane which tends to follow that of the swashplate - any deviation causes a restorative force to be generated by differential lift on the paddles. 

The main rotor is influenced by the flybar, i.e. not controlled directly by the servos. This results in good stability and relatively low loads on the servos. 

Rotor blades are fixed pitch, this makes aerodynamic balancing less critical than with collective pitch as well as simplifying the mechanics. 

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