Components are made mainly of glass filled plastic, with some carbon components e.g. tail boom and main skid supports. An excellent set of instructions is provided. 

Rotor head detail. Note twin ball bearings for paddle tilt.
There are 10 separate parts here.


Assembly is straight forward aided by the excellent fit of all parts. A few points:

  • Make sure you free up the the ball links as described in the instructions. This makes the main rotor assembly more crash resistant as well as providing better control response.
  • The attractive canopy is made from very thin - but surprisingly strong - material. Take care not to ruin it with too much cyano. Run glue from the inside and use masking tape on the outside to prevent glue from seeping out. The canopy is fiddly to put on and restricts access to the battery. I leave it off except for ceremonial occasions (like visits from the Queen).
  • The instructions recommend running the motor off-load. After one hour on a single charge, the motor was still buzzing away. Importers J. Perkins confirmed that one hour is easily sufficient.

Radio Gear

Whatever gear you use, ATV and servo reversing are essential, and exponential is also useful. No mixing is required. Thus a mid-spec non-computer radio can be used. 

I use my 10 year old Futaba FF7 Tx. I gave up using my Multiplex 3030 - the antenna is too long for comfort indoors and its extra programming flexibility offers no advantage for this model!

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