Support/FAQ for Pro Templates

Mike Shellim
Last updated 17 December 2017

This page is for support of the pro templates.

Supported OpenTx versions

Current versions of the Pro templates are compatible with the following:

Recommended versions for templates: 2.1.9 and 2.2.1

Current issues

Issues affecting current versions of templates/OpenTx

Date Problem description
2017-10-23 [OpenTx 2.2.0] Cannot calibrate flap neutral (fixed in 2.2.1)

Historical issues

Issues affecting older templates/OpenTx:

Date Problem description
2017-12-05 [OpenTx 2.2.1 RC1] GV's corrupted in Companion after conversion
2017-04-07 [OpenTx 2.2 RC14/ N366] Cannot reverse left flap CH4
2017-04-06 [all] CAL and/or motor arming gesture not recognised
2017-02-17 [E-Soar Plus 2.0 & OTX 2.2] Timer starts at startup
2016-12-23 [F3J/TD 3.0.0 & X9E] 'Speed' callout not working
2016-02-01 [X9E] LS, RS not mapped correctly on X9E
2015-10-03 [OpenTx 2.1.2 - 2.1.4] Can't switch flight modes
2014-11-05 [F3F 3.0.0] Incorrect Inputs spec

Frequently asked questions for pro templates

Which transmitters can I use?
X9D, X9D Plus, X9E, X10 and X12S are all supported by current templates.
Can I use my Q-X7?
The Q-X7 is compatible with the F3F template. Other templates will require modification due to the Q-X7's lack of sliders.
Will my setups work with OpenTx 2.2.x?
Recent templates are supplied in 2.1 format, and running them under OpenTx 2.2.x will involve a conversion to 2.2 format. This is performed automatically when you open the template in Companion 2.2.x, or the first time the transmitter is powered after flashing 2.2.x. Current templates are converted without loss of function. For older templates, please check compatibility (see template's version history). Templates which do not support 2.2 will typically lose their custom sounds, this can be corrected by applying these mods. Safety note: always check all functions carefully after flashing.
How do I migrate my setups to a different transmitter?
To migrate your model data for example from X9D to X10: first, backup model and radio data from your old transmitter. Open Companion for your new transmitter (don't forget to set the appropriate profile), and open the previous backup; the model data is automatically converted for new transmitter. Transfer the model data to the new transmitter. Calibrate the sticks. Check that all knobs and sliders function correctly, if not then see below. Note: if migrating to OpenTx 2.2.x, please also read previous section.
Sliders and/or knobs not functioning
After migrating your setups to a different transmitter (for example from X9D to X10), you may find that LS, RS, S1 or S2 do not work as expected. To fix this, you'll need to correct the affected mixers. Instructions are included in the latest editions of the Setup Guide for each template.
How do I re-order the servo channels (e.g. for mixed S-Bus/PWM operation)?
Here's an easy way, using drag 'n drop. Start Companion, and download your model data. Copy the affected template to a spare slot. Open both the copy and original template in their own windows. In the copied version, clear out the mixers from the relevant servo channels (Mixers menu), then rename these channels (Outputs menu). Finally, re-populate the channels by dragging and dropping mixers from the other window, maintaining the original order within each channel.
How do I check for errors in my setup?
If you suspect you made a data entry error, then use Companion's 'Compare models' tool to compare your working version with the downloaded version.

Bug reports

If you find an issue, please email me with the following info:


Comments and queries are always welcome, I can be contacted by email.