Reviews > Tx Synthesiser Module

by Mike Shellim

I like the Evo synth a lot. It works very well and is nicely integrated with the rest of the software. My full review including screen shots in August 2003 RCMW.

In the mean time here are a few notes.

Synth HFM-S module (above) v. xtal module (below)


The  HFM-S synth module allows the Evo to be operated without crystals, the required frequency being  dialled in via software. It can be supplied with new sets, or as an after-market replacement for the xtal module (HFM-4).

Once the correct frequency is dialled in, operation is the same as with the crystal module. 

The only real difference is that current consumption with the synth module is approx 20% greater than with the xtal module (manufacturers figures), resulting in a corresponding decrease in Tx battery duration (up to around 5.5 - 6 hours with the synth).

Receiver compatibility is not affected by using a synth.

Frequencies supported

Both German and UK frequencies are supported as follows

Country Evo Channel nos. UK Channels
UK 255 - 260 55 - 60
  061 - 080 61 - 80
  281 - 290 81 - 90
Germany 182 - 191  

In  the UK only channels with 0 or 2 in the first digit should be selected.