Answer to MPX Quiz Q2:

  1. Setup USR MIX 1 with four inputs, all of them FIX VAL virtual control.
  2. Assign Servo 1 to USR MIX 1 in the Assign Servo screen.
  3. Go to to the Servo Travel + Rev screen and select Servo 1
  4. There will be four "parts", one for each copy of FIX VAL used as mixer input. Initially they will all be identical so nothing will change when you cycle from one to the other! Plough on nevertheless...
  5. For page 1, set travel to 48 and assign to S1
  6. For page 2, set travel to 24 and assign to S2
  7. For page 3, set travel to 12 and assign to S3
  8. For page 4, set travel to 6 and assign to S4
  9. Exit