Page 2. Apart from the trade displays, there are some super static displays of all kinds of flying model, including Free Flight and Control Line as well as R/C. The standard of construction is very high.

View of Hall 4, where all the main action is.

Indoor/parkfly servos were commonplace. This Graupner C1081 weighs 6g.

Huge stealth fighter was one of several large models on display.

Displays were always very smart. Note Futaba S3003 for 14DM (4.60 or $7.50)!

Fleckstein were showing this huge 6m ASH 26

Another ASH 26. 3.3m, 3.3 kg uses 10 cells and 4:1 reduction.

Yet another biggie, 5m Nimbus from Airworld.

This big 747 had four ducted fan units. Very impressive.

One brain, half a Pibros. Horst Fenchel demod hlg aerobatics through the rafters! 130g, 430 mAH Tadiran battery.

Close up of Horst's Pibros.