Page 1. The show takes place in eight halls, Hall 4 is where the action is for soarers, with Multiplex, Volz, Ikarus and Euromodell were just some of the big names present. The weakness of the Euro meant that many goods were cheap for visitors.

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Approaching the Westfalenhallen... there were thousands of visitors.

Lateral thinking by Michael Volz! The "Blue Chip" servo is 40mm diameter, designed for incorporation in moulded models. Soon to be available.

Initial models will use ZIP mechanics, others planned, same 40mm diameter, different thicknesses. Note aluminium finish is for dummies only, finished articles will be in blue. For schematic click here

Norbert Grüntjens is a happy man... Ikarus "Piccolo" electric heli sold like hotcakes. Watch out for the review in R/C Soaring.

Multiplex got lots of interest in the Profi mc4000 computer transmitter and their Pico Jet electric foamie.

X-Models "Blade" is 1.9m, RG15, aerobatic fun sloper. Shown by the lovely Roma.

Samba from EMC-Vega was one of several moulded fun models. 1.45m, RG15 mod, 330g, electric option, price 430DM (£145).

Euromodell were showing Jaro Müller's new Escape (on wall). Based on Ellipse 3 fuselage, but bigger stab and new wings. The irrepressible Bruno Schiffler is on the left, with Wolfgang Miny.

Wolfgang shows Ellipse 3/Escape fuselage. Ballast is included, slips into the fus from under the nose area.

Just look at the wings of the new Muller "Escape" F3J! Uses four flaps and two small (tip) ailerons. 6 servos per wing. Fabulous finish. Also available are "racing" wings for the Ellipse 3, gone are the downturned tips.

Jaro Müller continues to set the standard for quality